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LovingRadiance - that's a good point and something to keep in mind. If he wants it a certain way, it should be that certain way, but if he doesn't have a preference, that's fine too.

I do have something of a tendency to be pedantic regarding BDSM things just because I've been reading/researching it for the last 15-20 years, and he's just starting to explore something he's not all that familiar with (as far as the history, the terminology, etc) and so I tend to try to correct him probably more than I should. (It's just, he naturally behaves like a dominant with me, ie, if he tells me something, he expects me to obey.) So, like I said to SchrodingersCat, I'm a little bit at a loss when I want to label something and he's not real keen on the label because it doesn't necessarily mean the same thing to him that it means to me. But, then, not keen doesn't really translate into 'don't do it' for him. So... I guess I'll just keep using Dom since he doesn't mind, until or unless he decides otherwise.

To both LovingRadiance and Tonberry - that is an issue I have, acting submissive when it isn't necessarily warranted. And lately, not acting submissive enough when it is warranted. But that's another topic.
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