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Had a long talk with him this morning after I dreamed that a short blond woman was trying to break into the house. Haha the new girl is short and blond. During the talk we went over lots of stuff and I reminded him of the conversation when I told him I couldnít watch him fall in love with someone, he remembers it clearly. When I insisted that he canít go walking in the rain and keep saying that he didnít want to get wet the big realization came out: he realized that when I said I couldnít watch him fall in love, he was assuming that I just had a bad experience and he thought that I would be okay if the third person was a better fit. He admitted that really deep down falling in love was what he wanted in addition to our relationship.

We both kind of froze it was so big. I still feel oddly numb. I really get wanting reality to be different, but wow weíve paid a big price for us wanting things to be different.
Me: mono, 52, serving S in a PE relationship for six years, living together since April 2012
S: has been poly since he can remember, 37
A: His new girl, under consideration
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