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Originally Posted by bsviking View Post
There's nothing wrong with that if it's acceptable to all involved.
So this goes back to my wall of text.

The thing is is she feels like she screwed up and got too close and fell for him.
She didn't screw up by falling for him. If she screwed up it's because she is failing to devote enough attention and love to you.

I feel threatened by it because right now she has been devoting the majority of her love and attention to him.
Then ask her to devote more love and attention to you.

She repeatedly says she doesn't want a boyfriend. Just a friend with benefits. But now it's turning into more and I think it's scaring her.
If she can't handle falling in love, she shouldn't have a FWB. If she can handle falling in love, then she needs to make sure she behaves responsibly and dedicate sufficient love and attention to your relationship to her satisfaction. If that isn't enough for you, you have to ask for more (which she might not be able to give!). If she cannot give you enough no matter how much you ask, you need to figure out why you are asking for more than she can give.

I bring this up because you brought up her lover as an escape; escape from you?
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