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Cool We told our 15 year old last night

So DH is big time NRE with MG (his new girlfriend) as they are planning trips for this upcoming summer and having her over to our house on occasion. I pretty much knew CT (our oldest daughter almost 16) was aware of something was up with us. A year ago she found out we were "open" for nsa/fwb but nothing romantic.

We had her come into our room, explained we are still very much in love with each other and what we're about to tell her might upset her. I explained what polyamory means. She was fine like I thought. She told her dad "Well I knew something was up because both of you are on dating websites". Apparently DH and I are on our cells too much.

We will wait on the 8 year old boy. Already know it's got some opinions on commitment to one right now and cannot fathom liking more than two people (although I believe he's perplexed by this because he likes his best friend a lot (girl) but he also gets crushes on other girls).
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