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@Magdyln, @NYCindie, thank you for the kind words. They helped. I am doing better. Nothing has changed really but I feel more capable of dealing with my emotions as they come up. And Whip continues to be open to talking and he keeps me up in the loop on his interests and partners. That helps me immensely.

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YES, Opal, you are pretty and have nothing to worry about. It was a long time ago, but I still remember your smile! We went to that poly cocktail party and you had no problem talking to people. You looked great, and your personality sparkled. I recall several people going over to talk to you!
Aww, thank you NYCindie! That was fun, wasn't it? I didn't notice people coming over to talk to me but, then again, I never do. Kinda bad at that sort of thing.
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