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Finally figured out this photo thing!

Thanks everyone who responded about my issues with Tiny Cat and not being able to sleep. I realize she is just being a cat. And she is healthy enough to be herself which I am actually grateful for. I did not think she would live this long given her initial diagnosis.

I continue to try and manage. I'm feeding her just before I go to bed which has helped greatly. She leaves mostly me alone when I go to bed or hangs out upstairs relatively quietly. Before I moved her feeding time she would want to interact well up to 1 am or later. I'm playing with her in the evening to tire her out a bit. I'm going to try some other things to see if they help. She regularly wants me up at 4 or 5 am though.

I would reluctantly give Tiny Cat to another home but am considering it. And I worry about giving Tiny Dog enough of what he needs and wants. He's been in the dumps about Tiny Cat being around and taking up some of my time. They get along - no fighting. But he is used to being my only pet and that is not true now.
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