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Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
It occurs to me that the issue with Mark, and this whole concern over it being incestuous, may simply be a smokescreen. Would Neverwhere ever be okay with you having any relationship outside of the one you share with him? He may be trying to make this seem like rational reaction when in fact it's just normal jealous BS that will probably occur with anyone with whom you would choose to date.

As for the topic of incest, it is taboo because practicing it AND having offspring decreases the gene pool, increasing the chances for genetic disease. None of these issue are at play.

I am sorry. Shoved up against the wall is something no wife should ever have to tolerate.
I wondered this aloud to him several times. If he'd be jealous of anyone. He said no and insisted it's only a problem with Mark.

Neverwhere is moving out tonight. I'm bitter. So is he. This isnt even completely about Mark for me but rather about not being able to make choices for myself my whole marriage. Maybe we were never good for each other and we just pushed through because of our history. Our son together. How I almost died four years ago and he realized what it would be like to lose me. He got clean while with me. quit drinking too. Maybe we've been fighting to hold onto all this hard work and wet really don't have anything between us anymore.
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Neverwhere - exH, we have a son together.
Amanda - Neverwhere's 1st wife and one of the reasons my marriage to him ended. They have three sons together.
Mark - Neverwhere's brother. We are dating. He is mono.
JBR - My boyfriend of 8 months, also poly, has kids, we live together.
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