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I've not been around much due to being exceptionally busy, but when i read this i just wanted to respond and share my positive experience,

i was very wary of R moving in because I am very aware that living together is a big step and it doesn't work for everyone but for us it just felt right. My gut feeling and intuition told me that it was the right thing to do and i dont' mean just the NRE making everything seem rosey it was a much deeper feeling that this was how things where meant to progress,

He has been living here for few months now and it has gone so far a lot smoother than i anticapted,

both men have there own room and i am allowed to sleep or spend time in both we all work diffrent shifts which gives us time alone, and time together as couples or 3 of us. We are constantly comunicating and you guys prob already know thats the key to things staying healthy,

whatever you decide to do i hope it works out
so far we have no regrets

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