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Yep, that's kind of how I'm seeing it too. Did I mention that I didn't want to be a replacement? Does it help that I build him up to her? That I tell her how good they look together? That I sympathize while reminding her that the annoyances she describes are very typical for people who've been together that long?

I am romantic and always have been. She comments on it sometimes. I wonder if she's noticed that she now waits for me to open doors? She didn't do that when we met. I'd take that over what she has too but remember that I didn't want anyone to move in on me and I didn't want to be the pivot for her to leave the relationship she was in. Of course, I don't have much control over the second part of that but I wouldn't kick her out of bed either.

Yeah, she was already making changes when I met her. She said she was being good and not looking for anybody and instead had taken up yoga and meditation. Claims meeting me took her by surprise.
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