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Anon4now, That was my thinking as well....But I think we're just going to take a lot of others advice and "fuggedaboudit" for now. If it presents it's self later in life, so be it. If not, oh well.

I think that living with someone is difficult enough. We will likely be all living together in future years. (The ideas have already been tossed up there of us all moving in together) Most likely AFTER our kids all move out. When times are good....we all spend a LOT of time together. We try to talk to eachother daily, although right now, we live about 25 miles apart.

It is definatly an emotional rollercoaster.....but don't most people PAY to ride rollercoasters? We're getting to ride it for FREE! LOL

We have had a lot of talk in the recent past about "when we 're all old....." and such. It's kinda nice actually.

Dunno why my wife and I are so hung up on the labels......Maybe a good ol fashoned camping trip will help?
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