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In our poly agreement, siblings are a no no.
BUT-I still stand by what I wrote before.
The bottomline is each individual only gets to chiose for themself.

I am sahm and home school.
When dh tried to force me to dump bf-I respectfully refused. He moved out. But the bottomline was that he cant make those choices for me. He CAN leave. He cant make me do anything.
The reverse is true.
He considered (seriously) dating someone who was abusive towards me. I refused to have contact with her.
I couldnt tell him he couodnt date her. But i could. Hoose to remove myself from contact with her. That meant less contact between him and I OR he could choose less contact with her in order to avoid losing time with me.

You can choose to not accept the continued battle of the wills. Say no and allow him the freedom to decide where he is going from there.
But you cant. Hange his mind and he cant force your hand.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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