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Originally Posted by Spock View Post
I think you've missed my point several times over now.

Maybe I can put it this way.

Imagine him writing on this board.

We have talked many times of how smitten we are with each other, that we love each other and feel blessed to have met. How could she have such a low opinion of me that I think she is being deceitful?

I mean, seriously, why do you have such a low opinion of him? I thought you loved each other?
I was qouting bookbug, NOT you - and I generally don't have a low opinion of him, I think he is a wonderful man. I reacted to his direct question because I got offended and felt hurt and helpless, so that I did not see that he was mostly fishing and testing waters, not pointing fingers at me. He - like my husband - is a guy to talks out loud in order to know what he is thinking, not like me who think it all through in my head first and only then speaks. Therefore I have to talk with him several times about the same subject to understand what he really means, but in the heat of the moment I sometimes forget that. I think actually it was a good thing that I got so hurt by it, because he worried and comforted me when I needed it. And now I know he did not try to offend me. Two good things.

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