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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Whoa, back up! Red Fags here! There is no "got through" with spousal abuse and substance abuse, it is a constant ongoing struggle. It's very easy to slip back into bad habits of the past when things get stressful or we are felling insecure and out of control. Sounds like you guys need back into counseling ASAP. Deal with these aspects now before it get worse.
We have a weekly counselor meeting. Sometimes Neverwhere goes and sometimes he says he doesn't need it. I think he should go every week, whether it's with me or by himself or with Mark or whatever.
--Jade, 31/f
Neverwhere - exH, we have a son together.
Amanda - Neverwhere's 1st wife and one of the reasons my marriage to him ended. They have three sons together.
Mark - Neverwhere's brother. We are dating. He is mono.
JBR - My boyfriend of 8 months, also poly, has kids, we live together.
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