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Originally Posted by Spock View Post
Wait, what? Mark cheated on Neverwhere with Amanda?

So Mark has in fact done this before, except this time it's not cheating?
Yes, that is what happened. My husband and Amanda were married 10 years. Neverwhere had a drinking problem from before then. He and Amanda both had drug issues. Mark would frequently be out searching for Neverwhere at local bars and reporting back to Amanda if he could or couldn't find him.

This is something he avoided doing with me. He didn't want ot make the same mistakes he had already so as a result he and I never leaned on each other for much. We had a friendship but that was really it. I think I could count on one hand the number of times we hung out alone together.

I didn't even want to express an interest in Mark because of this history but my husband guessed at it. It was really tense and in the end when he agreed to it and seemed so happy for a while I really thought it would be okay. But then Amanda broke up with him and his current gf found it weird that Mark and I are dating... we've always had to keep it a secret and not tell anyone they work with or any mutual friends, etc. I think the outside pressure is too much for Neverwhere and he's afraid of looking foolish to the outside world, like I tricked him or something. I get it. But I wish he'd never agreed to us dating in the first place....
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Neverwhere - exH, we have a son together.
Amanda - Neverwhere's 1st wife and one of the reasons my marriage to him ended. They have three sons together.
Mark - Neverwhere's brother. We are dating. He is mono.
JBR - My boyfriend of 8 months, also poly, has kids, we live together.
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