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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I was also confident that my time is important too and that I had a right to my own time. Just because I take my own time does not mean I love him less or taking something away from him. This is a whole other topic though I think.

Actually, I think this very much coincides for me. I really do feel guilty for taking that one weekend a month. But I tell myself the same thing. That I do love her just as much and that it gives her and my fiance some much needed daddy daughter time. I know when I was a child my fondest memories were of just me and my dad going for a ride in his truck. I also think of the break she is getting from me. I'm the finicky anal one of the family and when its just daddy around she can really let her inner wild child out. (She's got him wrapped around her finger ) But after it's all said and done I still have to remind myself of the positives so I don't get "Momma Guilt"

Anyways, yes the biggest issue is her asking the WHO question. She is my little detective and every question is followed by ten more. She makes me dizzy sometimes.
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