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So I'm not sure why you're exploring poly at all?

I mean, other than the fact that the love of your life wants to, which is very generous of you! Had my wife brought this up two or three years ago, I would have gently shut her down because our own life had too many unresolved issues.

My wife was struggling to keep our sex life active because she was under so much stress (me too, but as I said I get more horny when I'm stressed) since my dad had died, my mom was staying with us, she was at home with two kids, and then of course my mom died too. I was seriously considering asking her if I could look for 'outside counsel' since it was overwhelming to her to meet my needs for affection, companionship, and sex. I was hanging out at the playground with my kids so I could chat up the neighborhood moms, just so I had someone to talk to.

And I'll be fair, it wasn't her job to solely meet my needs, but at the same time she had previously said that she would divorce me if I ever hit on her sister (oh yea, she was staying with us too!) or cheated on her, so that was a delicate subject as well. Meaning that her request to open up our marriage was kind of a surprise. She has since started taking medication and has a lot more energy, if not time.

I'm going to reiterate that I think you need to take care of yourself and it isn't unreasonable for you to ask your husband to help you.
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