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I have joined a couple groups, locally, but haven't yet attended any of them. My wife and I are still talking it over too because with each new event (date, kiss, talk, whatever) she finds new things to mull over.

I'm probably not helping since, you know, I'm still processing it too.

We talk as if this is an experiment since we're not sure this is what we want. At the heart she has multiple needs:
1) Me
2) Falling in love with someone else equally awesome
3) The idea that she could love someone else also opened up the idea that she could have multiple lovers
4) Friends

I fall into all three categories, if not perfectly in any single one, but generally being awesome. The difficulty is that it takes time to be friends (lots of repeat exposure over time, building of the relationship, etc), less time to be lovers (Just signing up on OKC got her several hundred greetings from guys in the area), and a lot more time to do both with someone awesome since, by definition of being awesome, they want more than just casual sex and they really want a long term investment in being your friend.
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