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Originally Posted by pulliman View Post
Hear hear! This wasn't what the thread was intended to be about, but sure, I agree with this. Like I said a little above, it's not my use of the word exclusivity that I'm asking about... It's that others have been trying on the term for size. And finding it sometimes doesn't fit.
By "others," you mean your wife and your shared gf? And they seem confused about whether they want to "go steady" (to use a Stone Age term), and so you're coming here to get advice on how polys choose to go steady? Not that you want to make a formal declaration of going steady yourself.

I'd say, when in NRE, it's easy to "go steady," because the sun rises and sets on your partner, who is idealized in the early stages.

Going steady should be reserved for after NRE has died down some and you want to make more serious commitments about life sharing. Moving in together, sharing finances, taking long vacations together, coming out to family, etc.

Personally, I like to keep my options open. I havent had a date, with someone besides my LTR people, since July. But I am very busy lately. However my bf had a flurry of dates with 3 new people this summer, and my gf is chatting with about 6 guys online, one of whom she has met once. And she has a date set up with an on again/off again bf for tomorrow.
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