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Originally Posted by chg2winter View Post
We actually had a large turn out for people who identify as solo polyamorous at Beyond The Love event. It was an entire track with people with a variety of reasons. And it was interesting to see solo polyamourist as a distinction from unicorns.
What was interesting about that? They seem obviously different to me: solo polys live alone and date people, who may or may not date each other (but the ones I know generally don't have partners who are each other's partners as well, making them not unicorn) and lots of solo polys aren't bisexual.

Unicorns date two people who are also a couple, and were before they "joined the relationship", but they might live with that couple and/or be exclusive, and really that is kind of the stereotype with unicorns, that they're asked to be exclusive, to live with them (making them, in both cases, not solo polys) and are described to everyone else as "the maid".

While their might be some people who happen to be both, in my experience it's only a minority of either of those groups.
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