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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
What is a retroactive veto? one that is used after a relationship has started?

So what was the purpose of vetoing? was it in hopes of them cooling off? and how did that lead to cheating? because they didn't cool off?

confusing... and crazy making it sounds like. It sounds like no one acted in anyone else's best interest? is that it?
Regardless of the intent, a retroactive veto is a clear demonstration of inequality and an unwillingness to cooperate for mutually-beneficial relations. It avoids conflict by avoiding change, and it limits opportunities for everybody. I would go further to suggest that a veto is a red flag that shows there is not enough trust in the relationship for it to open itself up to other partners. There is no reasonable explanation for a veto. It's an excuse for a person to act entirely out of self-interest, and that's not love.

Cheating usually occurs when there is a lack of emotional, rather than sexual, fulfillment in a relationship. An imbalance of relational power, such as a veto, is likely to contribute to to that problem for one party.

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