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Originally Posted by Norwegianpoly View Post

my guy is 26 and said right away he was in it for the long houl. 22 is young, but he is an adult and want to be in a relationship with you. It may be too soon to plan a long-term relationship, but don't rule it out. If you treat him like you booty call, that is what you will be to each other. I don't mean plan your 2nd wedding next week, but everybody has got to plan their lives a little. Tell him; "I know you possably dislike being told what to do, and even plan much in your spare time. I want to respect your freedom. At the same time I plan the other stuff in my life and so do you. How can we practicall see to it that we get to see each other? I would like to make you a priority"
True, but there is a world of difference between 22 and 26.... There is a ton of self awareness that happens somewhere around 25....
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