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We've gotten into conversations about how to define "romantic relationship", and what the difference is between dating, being boyfriend/girlfriend, or just being FWBs. (I'm inclined to label a relationship bf/gf if I feel like seeing the guy everyday, want a lot of life entanglement, long-term plans, and I feel a happy rush of sparkly brain chemicals when he kisses me. Other people seem to want to label my relationship as bf/gf if involves someone who identifies as poly, and who I'm okay with going on a date with once a week or so. This annoys me.)

The mindset seems to be that polyamory means having multiple ROMANTIC relationships, with flowers and candlelight and pet names and "I love you"s, and the big objection to this is "I don't want to have a Relationship with everyone I want to have sex with, I don't have enough time!".
So, merely having major life entanglement on a daily basis with people who you care about and have sex with does not equal polyamory. It seems to be more in both people involved labeling it as such. It doesn't really seem worth arguing about.
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