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It seems to me that some swingers think that poly is another word for flakey, way to committal, hippy love, more to do with family love communial living than sex. Some polyamorous people think that swinging is heartless, just a fuck fest where you don't even know the persons name let alone care about them, and does not consider anyone's feelings whatsoever. Of course this can be true, but also far from it.

There seems to me to be a continum of one thing to the other, there is the possibility of sitting somewhere on that continum all the time, or with certain people and that can change over time also.

Really, definitions to me in my life are about figuring things out and then leaving them alone in order to just live life. Who cares if they identify as swingers and identify as poly? It could make for an interesting discussion if you were to broach it like that perhaps? Or just drop it and carry on with what you have.... who knows, they may ask you one day what you know about it all and show some interest.
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