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I'm fascinated with BDSM, but I think more as a voyeur than a participant. I like to play occasionally, more into sensation play and psychological. I tend to get scared and run away when things get too intense.

I really hate the way so many people equate "sub" with "masochist." I was recently dating this one woman who says she's a Domme and I was going through a submissive phase. I tried making it clear that I didn't like pain, and she just belittled me with "sure sure, whatever you say" *wink wink* ... I was like, no really. You hit me with that thing, I'll punch you back. Very frustrating. Needless to say, that relationship didn't even bud, let alone blossom.

I really love hanging out with kinky people, they're just so much more interesting than "normal folk." So because of that, I always assumed I was "into" BDSM. But the more I self-investigate, the more I realize that I'm much more interested in observing and being around it than actually participating.

I do, however, love to be tied up and teased. So I guess I'm not completely innocent
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