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Greetings Norwegianpoly,
Welcome to our forum!

Wow, you're really involved in this poly thing and its assorted communities ... and have now officially gone international! Yayayayyyy; welcome welcome to our crazy clutch of polyamorists from diverse countries far and wide.

Admittedly V's are "one of the more common animals" in polyamory, but just thought I'd mention that I, too, am in an MFM V, much like yours (female hinge) except (thank goodness) we all live together in the same flat. Your set-up/agreements sound fairly polyfidelitous to me, which is another thing you and I have in common.

Way back when I was monogamous, I experienced the "joys" of a long-distance relationship for several months. Bleah. Longest months of my life, I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore. So I can relate to the frustrations that may instigate with you and your boyfriend.

So two guys, kids, work, exercise, hobbies, friends, running the local poly chapter, engaged in the national poly network, busily reading and posting on this here international forum ... I, do believe your plate is full and due to get fuller!

Anyways, very glad to have you aboard; hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Kevin T.
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