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Default 22?

Honestly, he's 22, if he's like any other 22 year old, he likely has very little idea what he wants....enjoys dating...may or may not want structure, but isn't likely to set it himself.

I"m not saying DON'T date him, but people truly do go through lots of changes between 20 and 30....I'd say more than any other period.

If you don't mind being flexible and understanding with him, though, I'd say go for it. You both seem to really like each other. Just know it'll likely be a lot of ups and downs with him, as he adjusts naturally to what he really wants, will be dating others, more or less seriously.

In other words, I'd have fun, but wouldn't count on him being there for you in ten years. Trying to force him to be part of your structure now will likely only scare him off and ruin the fun for both of you.

So, have fun
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