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Originally Posted by Scarlette View Post

Just general stuff. Sexual, companionship, romance, adult conversation. My parents currently live in my house to help out while Michael is gone, so I don't at all feel comfortable bringing someone back to my place. They take care of my kids while I am out.
Do your parents know about your open marriage? Where do they think you are when you're out, and gone overnight? Do the kids know? How old are they?

I think part of the issue here is what's classified as a 'need.' Sex is not a 'need.' Neither is romance. Companionship and adult conversation can be had from many sources.

I also think many people would find deeper, truer happiness if they re-focused their lives on giving rather than getting. I don't personally believe that our purpose in life is to 'get our needs met.' And because it isn't, I think that often times, the harder we strive to 'get our needs met,' the more elusive true happiness becomes. Because we're totally focused on ourselves, on getting, getting, getting.

I will also say that, given my background, I have known many, many military wives who simply got up each morning and did what they needed to do, on their own, without having someone else's husband provide them with sex and romance. They got companionship and adult conversation from each other, and spent their spare time doing charity work or helping other military wives who might have younger kids, or sick kids. I admired these women greatly. They are great inspirations. And while we all have problems in life and days of loneliness and sadness, I have every reason to believe that they had genuine peace in their lives.
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