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Default I would weary of calling psychology a science

science has the ability to separate out truth from lies, there has been much psychological research that has been done, but done quietly, that by most peoples definitions would be called a religion.

Some people might call it a philosophy, but it is one I firmly believe in. And I do believe human beings cannot be considered animals, as I do not believe animals can be held accountable, I can't speak for ColorsWolf, by I suspect it might be possible that they were speaking of the innocence of a child being not responsible -- as in being held accountable -- until they are adults. That all animals which are not Human Beings are accountable, even the adults of non-humans, but also the children of Human Beings

In some ways you must first recognize you have a choice, and then choose the right, to become part of a deserving life that has authority, at least that is what I put my faith in, they those who chose wrong will lose all power and control because they could not voluntarily choose to recognize what is the responsible way to live so that your freedoms and liberties exercised do not leave you with a debt to all life.

animals and children don't have accounts that any banks I know of or recognize as having anything authority in this River that is the dun-colored water that is the blood of life
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