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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
I regard all creatures as children when they are in fact children, but when they are adults I consider them in fact adults no less capable than any other creature of living an independent life of their own in their own way.~
You can regard them however you want, but evolutionary biology disagrees with you. Since the science has been experimentally confirmed, and you are just making shit up on the internet, I'm siding with science.

Domestication causes changes in the brains of domesticated animals. These changes cause them to be stuck at adolescent development as compared to their undomesticated ancestors. Physically adult cats don't think the same way as adult lynx or lions. Adult dogs don't think like adult wolves. They think like juveniles who have not yet left the pack because they don't have the maturity to make it on their own. That's one reason why domesticated animals have such short life spans in the wild.

You don't have to believe it. There will always be ignorant people who refuse to accept the validity of the scientific method. Thankfully, your kind have the rest of us around to make sure their computers keep getting invented and their vaccines get developed (and that they get protected by the increasingly-threatened herd immunity) and that new antibiotics are developed when they dismiss the whole "finish your prescription" thing.
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