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Default OK

so I guess you weren't talking about humans as pets, I guess you weren't alluding to BDSM dynamics and indoor meaning sex within a specific set of people and outdoor being outside of that group?

I guess you were not physically threatening people who did not threaten you, I guess you weren't intimidating other users by "implying" you know where they live

Come to think it, why would anybody take offense at your completely transparent, honest attempts to have a discussion on sensitive topics, that people may have a hard time divulging their view, and your complete sincerity makes them feel all that much better about themselves, excepts that it's not sincere, so

No it doesn't, it sounds manipulative, you say that's not what you meant, and for some reason I don't believe you, so it is probably I good idea, if I don't respond to you. I am definitely down for that
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