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Default Sex parties

I think comparing people who go to sex parties to black and gay people is a damn tall order LOL. And one that most of the population couldn't fufill!

It's not a moral issue - like they are going to hell! or some shit - as a vicersal, emotional one. For example, I wouldn't want my kids growing up going to sex parties. I just don't think it's a skillful way to relate to people. ONLY my opinion.

Unfortuately, my experiences are not just "a few bad ones." Everyone in my life since childhood has had negative sexual issues - which vary from being left alone at age 8 in the living room while mom fucked boyfriend to one friend dying of HIV and another being a sex/method addict. Unfortunately, these things stay in your body.

I couldn't have an orgasm til over 40!

I WANT to be sex positive. I want to be open. If anyone has any ideas of how to feel that way in light of being taught the opposite since early age - please share them! How do I begin to heal from all this negativity ?
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