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I honestly don't think we're "speaking the same language." Sure we're both speaking English, but my words seem coded to you, your words seem coded to me, and yet we both see our own words as un-coded. Sounds to me like two different dialects of the same language.

Re: hostility ... I won't just dismiss that charge against me out of hand. It's true that I don't make myself 100% vulnerable on this (or any) forum, and sometimes I "disguise my hurt feelings" with diplomacy. I don't like my enemies to know that they're getting to me. But beyond that, you've nothing to fear from me beyond words ... "just words."

"I will assume that you have absolutely no authority because if you did your behavior indicates you would abuse it."
Could be; don't know; haven't experienced this strange thing called authority because I've never had it, and certainly don't have it now. I'm no expert, no moderater, no administrator, no custodian, no nothing. Just some puny little guy with no job, virtually no chores, and lots and lots of time on his hands with which he amazingly accomplishes next to nothing.

I'm sorry you don't believe that I'm trying to be honest. I don't know how to prove my sincerity, so I'll just respect your right to see me as you do.

My grievances? only that there's so damn much hostility on this site (and there's sites much worse than this) as a whole. I ask every member here, right now: Why? Why? Is it so awful to contemplate treating each other like valuable human beings, rather than obsessively one-upping each other all the time? Bit of hyperbole on my part perhaps, but jeezh, as polyamorists we're already "outcasts;" must we outcast each other as well?

Again, sorry for giving offense. Not intended.


Re (from SchrodingersCat):
"My philosophy is that in the wild, animals get into fights sometimes, and sometimes they die. I look at how much enjoyment my cats get out of going outside and weigh it against the risk of them contracting a disease or getting injured. Not only their enjoyment outside, but their obvious misery staring out the window when locked inside, and their vocal demands to be allowed out. Their opinion on the matter is crystal clear."
Understandable. Exactly the reason Shipley was an indoor/outdoor cat. He definitely had the passion for the outdoors in his heart. I just wish he wouldn't have had to pay for it so dearly. He didn't deserve that punishment.

That's all for now.
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