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an example of what I am trying to say, has to do with privilege and ignorance, like a poly community attempting to influence peoples private, intimate relationships and when they don't succumb to the influential pressure they are shunned, afflicted, or otherwise marginalized for for exercising their rights of making their own decision on whatever matter is the issue

I am pretty much baffled by situations such as when a marginalized group (such as any form of non-monogamy, but here, specifically poly) who understands and has even experienced wrongful discrimination can ever justify wrongfully discriminated against others in nearly identical situations

specifically a couple who would like to form a triad.


anyone who wishes they could get married, yet won't allow others the same privileges, rights, and benefits

like any married couple who would prevent same sex marriages
the same as any same sex marriages would prevent polyamorus marriages

wherein those who claim the only issue is semantics, and it's about the word "marriage" or the sanctity of it is a moot point until there are no rights, benefits, or privileges being unconstitutionally withheld
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