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Originally Posted by pulliman View Post
I can imagine there are some triads that are monogamous to the triad (i.e., closed, poly-fi). How do three people negotiate that moment? In a binary couple, someone might propose to someone else, or you have The Talk about exclusivity, or whatever it might be. How does a triad do that?
Maybe you could ask more specific questions like this.

I'm not sure if your usage of "proposed" refers to marriage, or to an "exclusivity proposal." I proposed to Gralson, but we were poly and open all the while.

But you bring it up the same way you bring up any item that needs to be discussed. Indicate to the other two in some way that there's something you'd like to talk about, all sit down together, and tell them what you're thinking. No one can get more specific than that without being involved in your relationship and knowing what communication styles you use.

Another "nuts and bolts" thing that people emphasize is the need to nurture the dyad relationships with one-on-one intimacy, as well as the monad relationships with me-time. As a coincidence of arithmetic, those can happen at the same time
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