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On points 2 and 4, yes, in my opinion you're sticking your nose in where it's not needed.
Originally Posted by bofish View Post
2. She says that I am being controling but from reading 100s of posts here, it was my understanding that the primary partner is perfectly in their rights to nogiate what their partner can and can't do
You are perfectly within your rights to ask, but he is within his to say no and you certainly don't get to dictate what she should find acceptable.
Originally Posted by bofish View Post
4. GF says she feels secondary. But she wants him to herslef. Doesn't want to be friends with me or our kids...I guess she wants him once a week and as if he's single ie no boundaries or calls from me...
Why can't you allow them one night per week without interference? Do you interrupt their dates often? If so, why on earth would you expect her to find such behaviour reasonable? Would you, if the situation were reversed?
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