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You can't set boundaries on her, but you can definitely talk to your husband. If you set these boundaries as part of your negotiations with him, he should abide by them or re-negotiate with you regardless of her desires. Their relationship is not yours and your relationship is not hers. You can't tell them how to run their relationship and she can't invalidate your negotiations with him. I doubt the sex parties include meth, so I would encourage you to check one out for yourself, but only if you are ready. Leave out she said stuff. His relationship with you is between you and the two of you need to discuss this. Trust is very important, and you need to trust him to hold to your negotiations regardless of outside influence. He needs to trust that he can come to you and have a rational discussion if he wants to renegotiate. I suggest you talk to him about how important this is and how you feel so you can work it out between you.
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