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It has been a while since I posted about things so this might be long....sorry. The weekend trip is finally here!! D and J have been looking forward to this for a long time and I am on board with it cause I know they need their time....but I am feeling lonely and left out at the moment. I didn't want to show it the last few days cause I knew it would be a bad thing for them but....J and D are doing well, they spend every friday together and most saturday nights as well. J has totally moved into our daily lives and it is nice to have him here even though it is just weekends since he works away during the week. This week is different though and should cement D and J's relationship for good. Not only are they in Niagra Falls on a romantic trip J doesn't have to work monday cause his granddaughter is having surgery so he is staying home this week. I worked thrusday and friday so I haven't been around since wednesday really giving them time. D has been feeling some guilt about it but she still was looking forward to the trip. I haven't heard from them since before they left so I am sure it is going well. They will be coming home tomorrow evening but I will be at work so they will be together till J leaves for work tuesday night since he is off the first part of the week. D has said she will let me know how things went and if they are closer then before....I am sure they will be. Tonight I am sitting alone at home though...kinda not sure how to feel since this is the first time they have gone away for a weekend. I am happy for them but as states a little left out feeling is there. Hope everything works out for them and I can't wait for D's return....tuesday will either be a great night if things went well I guess I will have to let everyone know how it went.....and any advice on what to do with the lonleyness on my end??
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