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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
You sound like an engineer ..
Not really, but i see how it seems that way. I recognize that each person's experience is slightly different, which is why I was hoping to get several different kinds of stories.

The big thing in any configuration is don't expect all things to be equal. They can't be. a nice skewed scalene triangle is probably the best you can do long term. Expectations can create resentment so its a potential nut to watch out for.
I like that image, the skewed scalene triangle. That feels appropriate - I find that the lines of the skewed triangle in my life change in length, week by week, which is kind of what you're saying about things shifting and adjusting.

Speaking from a quad.. there was no negotiation moment.
I like hearing that. That's where we are, right now. We have actually been explicit about not wanting to negotiate and name things. We want to live our life, and see where it takes us.

But that doesn't stop me from being interested in hearing stories of others who have gone through something similar. I feel chastened, though, for not having asked any quads how they went through this - sorry! Duh, of course I have something to learn there, too...
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