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Ok, so your husband dated his ex-wife under your roof and still think you dating his brother is a little bit over the top? Seems you both have a preferance for what is close at hand and he is not one to judge you. Anyhow, I know some family poly relationships may work, like some mormon-related families I have seen. Personally, I would not like it at all if my husband dated one of my sisters - but he knows that and we would never engage in that in the first place. Now that you are in the relationship, you already have a responsability towards your boyfriend. I think it is fair to be able to veto a new/potentional lover in the very beginning (like I veto'ed a girl who totally behaved like she would take my place, acting jealous in public and what not), but not a clear-cut relationship. There you stay, and deal with the problems as they come along. Hopefully your husband will find ways to deal with it. Best of luck
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