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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Meh, I'd chalk it up to him being sleep deprived and you being sick. And you're just getting to know each other.

I second GG's reminder that we all are responsible for our own feelings.

On the other hand, it does suck to feel shamed for having a strong healthy libido. Hopefully your next talks will confirm your love for each other, and that wonderful sexy feelings are a part of that.
Thanks for the reminder. I will try to be responsible for my feelings... Re-read my Non-Violent Communication-book, perhaps! (actually what I did was go online and buy the "Being me, loving you"-leaflet by Marshall Rosenberg, because a friend said it helped her in her relationship).

Oh, the shame I have felt in previous relationships is mostly not even over having a strong libido (though I do), it is more a...shame of not being ashamed. People getting angry at me for themselves getting turned on.

I think I will bring up with him our flirting because I realize we could talk more about what we prefer, individually, and how we could perhaps do it. Strangely enough I think I will be more comfortable talking about it with him now, because I am made aware of my shame-button, so I won't risk it being pushed out of the blue anymore.
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