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Default Your Response is exactly why I Responded

and exactly why I did they way I did. I did not in any way threaten you, Kevin, or whomever had been posting as if they were you. I don't understand most of the coded terms in your words, even though I have been, in the past, a Ward Clerk, but I sense more hostility in your words than anybody here, the only exception being those who were supposedly banned, yet come to find it was only one of their profiles.

Perhaps you have trouble understanding my non-coded words because you have no respect for truth, or not enough, to recognize the truth in my words.

From your words posted in response to ColorsWolf, you continuously outright lie, or if you prefer intentionally mask your hostility which comes across as even more threatening, because of this, I will assume that you have absolutely no authority because if you did your behavior indicates you would abuse it.

I understand how wrongfully afflicted people can be who are associated with any form of non-traditional relationships, I also have first hand experience with being wrongfully and excessively afflicted by alternative online and real life communities, and the way I deal with abuse and terrorism is exactly the same way, as they both thrive in a very misleading, and distorted sense of reality.

All of the ability to terrorize and abuse is damn near removed when the truth can be distinguished from lies. Truth recognizes no authority other than those who recognize IT, and who fully respect it, which means to live responsibly, which means to always do the next right thing, which if nothing else means to begin the practice of honesty

So you either must either state your grievances -- as I fully agree that any character who is here with malice intended (which can also include simply intimidation), such as those who do not refrain from afflicting others who do harm -- so that they can be dealt with, because I do not tolerate vigilantism, and truthfully have little tolerance for those who use code to slight, threaten, or even marginalize anyone or anything.

And if you have none, please keep your tacitly implied and embarrassingly hypocritical alter-ego in check, as it isn't worth cashing
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