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Originally Posted by HisPet View Post
What not to do in response to NRE: he told me this morning that he did end up fucking the newest girl last night. He was extra affectionate, it felt intrusive to me in the moment. He told me he loved me and I patted his chest and said "that's nice" and walked off. I know that's not the right response but I had no idea what else to say in the moment (lame excuse I don't even believe myself). Why am I posting it here instead of in the blog section? Maybe I feel like I deserve to be publicly flogged for that terrible rejection. I used to hate how his now ex-wife used to do things like that, and I just did it
Why just tell him; Sorry for being so flat this morning. I am happy for you, but your NRE really felt a bit intrusive. How can we make us coupe with NRE better?

NRE is wonderful, but not always easy you know. Don't beat yourself up about it. Saying sorry and trying to understand more of the dynamics works just fine.
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