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Re (from LovingRadiance):
"I was actually in completely agreement with you."
Cool beans. Grant amount of freedom that's appropriate for the person (human or non) in question. Our pets don't exactly have outdoor freedom, but they do have the run of the house. Just a bit more freedom, to go along with their freedom from 99% of all streets-and-forests dangers.

You have to try to account for what your pet's heart and mind can endure. Wolves and tigers are strong-hearted and adult-minded. Whatever my personal opinions about wildlife and non-intervention by humans, I can at least agree that a wolf and a tiger are far better suited for total independence than a dog or a housecat.

I find that with pets, lots can depend on whether they live in the city or the country. But there are always risks to be weighed, and the importance is tantamount that they have the freedom to return home if/when they want. So many indoor-only pets would be deprived of that freedom once they were outside on their own. They need a safe way to roam, and a safe way to return.

Humans do mature more than your typical pet animal, and as they age, they become increasingly able to handle independence -- within the infrastructure of whichever human world/culture they live in. And by genetic design, human parents are the best-suited candidates for guiding human children from childhood into adulthood. Humans *don't* have the needed traits to allow them to train cats, dogs, wolves, tigers, or any other kind of non-human person. All a human can train a non-human to do is to perform human-oriented tasks and tricks. Nothing however, that would relate to that non-human's lone survival on the streets and in the woods.

Re (also from LovingRadiance):
"kdt -- *Now* I understand how you manage to continue responding! Because you *do* have the time."
Uh yeah, that's right. Human pet right here, in the flesh, at your service. How may I help you today?

Having said that, this thread and the "Shame re: body parts; self-hatred" thread have been sucking up *all* of my time. I get further and further and further behind on everything else. I kind of don't like it (yet I apparently do like it since I let it keep me captive). Other people on other threads may need my attention too, and they're not getting it. Makes me feel like quite a failure (and don't even get me started on stuff like facebook which is neglected to the neglected power). Not to mention the emotional beatings I often take on these two threads. I'm trying to watch real carefully to see when it's the right time for me to stop talking to ColorsWolf (or Dirtclustit). As I said on the "Body Parts" thread, I do have some responsibility to look after my own emotional well-being. I do need boundaries. Somewhere.

Anyways. Don't be sorry. I appreciate "pet life" as much as any "standard pet," and am pretty darn dependent on my "masters" if not 100% dependent. I suppose if thrown out on the street I'd find some way to survive ... probably by wending my way to Vashon Island in Washington and becoming the human pet of my older brother and his wife. Just would have to survive the journey somehow. No small feat there ...
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