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Well - maybe I'm not "qualified" to have an opinion on this where I'm not female.

But if I did I would say this is nothing more that well disguised conservative, right-wing propaganda !

We kind of had a similar discussion (that never went real deep) regarding the whole gay acceptance issue.

Despite the fact that there were peaks in activism and public awareness that intimidated many people into putting on a face of "changing" their outlook, down deep - REALLY deep - little changed.

So although during the 60s and 70s there was a swell of female sexual liberation (and acceptance) on the surface, at the root little seems to have changed.

And the conservatives have never ceased in their efforts to undermine and discredit any concept that a woman should be able to screw anyone, anytime, any place with full celebration of their own fulfillment. And without guilt !

So be careful ladies. They are STILL out to slap the chains (and chastity belts) on you ! Or better yet - have you slap them on yourselves and BELIEVE it was your own choice !

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