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Default Taking a reply from the other thread and replying here instead...

Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
YouAreHere and Kevin, when it comes to the independent cats (I don't think it's as simple as "wild" and "domesticated" in the sense that you have defined them, Kevin) I agree with the ex's actions towards them, but with the particular cat desiring to come inside perhaps I would have let them in for they seem to desire to at least "come inside the house", but I can also see why not to let this cat in either as he could be encouraging the cat to be more independent.~
Well, except his motivation is simply that he feels the cat is "gross".
He doesn't let the kids touch him. He doesn't touch him. I've discovered that the poor thing really enjoys a good head scratch.

I don't know... All rants aside, I'm going with LR's answer in that what's best depends on the people, animals, and circumstances. Patches was obviously an indoor/outdoor cat before I adopted her. Baby/Bubba? Not interested in the least. Do I let Patches outside? No.

Cruel? Maybe. She does yowl to go outside when I'm out there doing yard work or the like. But still, if she were to contract FeLV or FIV and bring it home, now Baby's got it too. I don't have to deal with flea/tick medicines all the time, and I don't have to deal with the cars and roaming dogs and assorted wildlife. There *are* coyotes in town, not far from here. Fisher cats too. The kids and I prefer to have Patches around for a few more years, even if she's unaware of whether or not she wants that for herself.
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