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Default Good things that have happened today...

Mom's chemo is over, and according to her doctor, the tumor is undetectable to the touch (a HUGE difference from before). Her surgery will be scheduled for a couple weeks, and then a month after that, her radiation treatments will start - AFTER the holidays.

Did NOT die on the ride to the doctor's office. Mom's BF is the quintessential "Mister Magoo" driver. Holy crap. Right directional on, left turn. Wha? But hey, we made it.

Prepping for an early Thanksgiving-slash-birthday dinner tomorrow with my family and P. Got the stuffing prepped tonight (added sausage and chestnuts - mmmm...), and DAMN does it smell good in here. I don't want to go to bed; I want to eat. Now.

Discovered that the Sam Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock is really, really good.

And the kids are here, the cats are cozy, the wood stove is going, and all is right with the world. Tomorrow, there shall be chaos. Tonight? Beer, cats, food, and sleep.
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