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I have had my own fight with religion for years, lots to to with the way Christians have reacted towards homosexualiy . Now I have made peace with God, and joined church again, as well as rekindling my love for/throgh polyamory. Why is this not an issue? Well I guess because I am me... I realize that a lot of polyamorous cravings go way back. that was even harder to relize than being attracted to girls. Now I just feel; fine. This is me. This is what I look like, God made me like this. I am not hurting anyone, actually I have taken courses in communication and discussed poly endlessly with people in order to make sense of myself and others. Now that I have taken on a boyfriend I really make an effort to make it work, long-term. In a way, I don't see any difference between my love life an monogamy, there is just more people. Love is love... The most important thing is to be kind. I realize that so much these days. It takes skill to be kind and stay kind
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