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Originally Posted by Hmm View Post
That's an interesting contrast. Could you go into it more? What's your history with lovers and feeling love. Heartbreaks? Anxieties? What kind of things were you raised believing or being into? Shows, movies, books....I don't know.

It's weird to think I might not be suited for polyamory despite having such a personal fascination and attraction to it. But I sort of feel like that whenever I get close to someone? (emotions are confusing, basically....)
Someone below mentioned pressures of being one person's everything, fulfilling all needs.

Absolutely. I actually very much dislike being the only source of ANYTHING for a person, intimacy, emotional support, friendship, drinking partner, etc It's what makes me think I'm suited to poly; I don't get jealous, I feel relieved. Plus I tend towards family style poly, so I'm involved, on some level with all partners.

I understand being attracted to the lifestyle and fascinated....and while I won't say you AREN'T...I WILL say that fascination with it, doesn't mean poly is your thing. I'm fascinated by some of the darker aspects of BDSM....doesn't mean I'd actually be happy in the lifestyle.
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