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I think this has to have a lot of variation depending on where someone is at with their current life. How busy, how "full" as we often refer to it etc.

I think it's hard to draw a line between "looking" (actively in some way) and being open and aware.

There seems to be lulls- quiet periods - in any relationships where everyone becomes part of a conversation such as - "you know - it might be nice IF....." - and you can fill in the "if" appropriately.

When these points occur - these conversations come up - it just seems to put everyone into some heightened state of awareness of other potential connections.

Is this "looking" - I suppose so in some form.
Is it because of some "lack" - well I suppose someone might define it that way too. But in reality I don't think it's quite like that. It just seems to be more like - well I have these fries here - maybe some ketchup would go nicely too.........

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