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Default There is right and there is wrong and there are truth and lies

and it's our choice which to live rightly or wrongly, to live a life of lies or to know the truth.

and so when something wrote

And as the others have said, a domestic animal's natural habitat no longer exists in nature. It now exists within the infrastructure of human society. You could argue that it's a sick, tragic thing humans have done, intentionally breeding once-wild animals to become reliant on human surroundings. But what's done is done, and what's more, I (in case you hadn't guessed) don't even think it's all that tragic. In fact, the whole sordid tale springs from the collective workings of evolution. That is, humans evolved to be like they are; in a word, to be "fashioners" of domestic animals (as well as builders of cities and users, changers, and/or preservers of the look and make-up of Earth and its atmosphere). It's neither good nor bad, it's simply the way that evolution has played out.

Are we "justified" in keeping domestic animals? It seems to me that we're neither justified nor unjustified. It just is what it is. Each human person will have to decide for themselves what to do about the problem, and God knows we won't all agree on what should be done, but again, why not cope with the irksome state of affairs with grudging respect for each other as long as we have in common a sincere concern for the non-human people's well-being? We can't do much better as a collective species right now.
I say those words are nothing but rationalized lies that something chooses to believe, but I don't believe they honestly believe it, but that is the mentality they want to present to you as an excuse

The same way abusers who take advantage of a marginalized demographic, take advantage of situation wherein they think you must put up with their abuse, when nothing could be further from the truth.

All you have to do is quit concealing the truth, as predators rely on confusion the same way terrorists do.

you can call humans pets, but those who do so for any other reason than that be their preference by their own knowledgeable freewill, are not Human Beings, as they have themselves rejected the choice to behave humanely

the same as saying "what's done is done" and using it as an excuse to continue doing it.

When we as individuals do wrong, as individuals or as a people, the attitude of there is nothing we can do about it, it was an honest mistake, let's move on, is not the same as doing the next right thing

and even if you did attempt to do the next right thing, you need to first be honest or else you continue to add insult to injury, which compounds daily , esp if you are too proud or too foolish to admit your mistakes

but don't take my word for it, feel free to choose what you will recognize as truth, just remember if you don't respect truth, you have no right to complain it was impossible to hear truth, when it was you who consciously chose not to listen
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